Do You Know your Teams’ Compatibility Quotient?

Posted at 15-December-2009

The WorkTraits Assessment

  • Want to know how to better communicate with your team and reduce stress?
  • Want to help your team better communicate with each other and increase productivity?
  • Want to better communicate with your patients and increase treatment acceptance?

Now you can- and it’s easy!  The WorkTraits Assessment is the answer! This simple to use on-line survey takes about 15 minutes, results come back immediately. It will give you insights and specific tools for doctor to team communication, team to team communication and increase communication to all of your patients. It will even guide you on potential new team members - before you hire.

Your Package Included:
Personal Fit Assessment - Your Organizational Fit.
Your Behavioral Style Profile will provide insight into a team members’ optimal role within the practice and basic strategy for executing that role. You get four reports as a result (more than one person must take the survey). You get a profile of yourself, a profile on compatibility with each team member, a profile on handling conflict with each team member and Your Core Convictions Profile. These profiles will provide insight into the type of work environment which best suits your values and a basic strategy for effectiveness in that environment.

Company Fit AssessmentTeam Compatibility Quotient.
The Compatibility Quotient is a measurement of the potential for employees to work alongside one another without conflict based on their Core Convictions. It is measured on a scale similar to "IQ“, a score of 100 being standard or average. This unique Company Fit Assessment is an interactive online system for improving compatibility & communication among existing staff and resolving office conflict. It will help discover the best role for every employee in the practice, strengthen team cooperation and reduce employee turnover.

Set up fee and 1.5 hours of consultation: $ 229. 00
Surveys @ $49.95 per team member  x _________ # of surveys = $ 229. 00

TOTAL:  $__________

Practice Name
City, State & Zip
Email address
Please bill the following
Acct. #:
Exp. Date: 
Authorized Signature: 

Robert H. Maccario, MBA   Gwen M. Hofferber, EMA
Dental Management Sciences, LLC

P.O. Box 949 ¨ Virginia City NV 89440 ¨ Phone (800) 332-0363 ¨ Fax (775) 847-7396

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